Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I don't know how they did it

Finished making somewhere between 150 and 200 pirogi. It is a lot of work. I'm fine doing it a couple of days a year; I even enjoy it. But I am grateful for feminism and that it's not 1859, because g-DAMN. I didn't even have to plant the taters myself or make the sour cream or cheese. Or forage for the mushrooms. Come to think of it, if mushroom-foraging was my responsibility I'd probably already be dead, along with several family members. Due to mushroom misidentification and all.

Anyhoo, Walnut stopped by and I cooked her up a few and then sat and chatted with her while she ate them. She was asking about restaurants nearby; takeout, mostly. I had to tell her that unfortunately I almost never eat out. Even when I had money I cooked at home. There are many restaurants within walking distance of my place that I've never been to, and I've lived here nearly half a decade now.

Anyhoo, happy Thanksgiving, all! I'm off to NH tomorrow to share my pirogi love with a very deserving crowd: my sweet, crazy family.


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