Monday, November 16, 2009

Le Busy Part One

I did probably a month's worth of socializing between Thursday night and Sunday afternoon. I'm splitting up the stories.

Sooooooooo Thursday early evening JoyceFrances and her husband arrived; we chatted a bit and they headed out to a concert while I went to see Henry Louis Gates speak at Harvard. He joked that while at the White House he told the cop's kids he'd get them into Harvard but that what he didn't tell them was "Only if your daddy doesn't arrest me." And he cried over his mom. The talk was held in the Sanders Theater, which is old-school Ivy League, all dark wood with sculptures and phrases in Latin everywhere. Sorta churchy.

It was part of a program run by the Cambridge library called "Cambridge Reads." The city just opened up a new library. A library which cost 91 million dollars. Yesterday I ran by a sinkhole on Brattle Street, which is in Cambridge. Make of that juxtaposition what you like; I have not yet formed an opinion.


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