Monday, November 02, 2009

Hippies R Smart

It was the last farmers market in Union Square this past Saturday and I made a bittersweet trip there with a new friend to enjoy my love/hate relationship with community.

Drumlin Farm has a stand there, and they have by far the most spectacularly beautiful and tasty veggies. Plus lots of varieties of things, like this wacky cauliflower. Plus, very good-looking hippies. One of them has been recommending slicing kale into chippish pieces, washing and drying the cps, then very lightly oiling and salting them, and baking them at high heat for five minutes.

I finally tried this yesterday, using what I think is dinosaur kale. And then again today. And my kale supply is rapidly dwindling. Because crunchy salty kale is so delicious! And very low-cal, because you need just a half-teaspoon of olive oil for a good two cups of chopped kale. You just massage the oil into the leaves. The only hassle is that the "chips" need to be in a single layer on the cookie sheet, so it can be a little hard to sate a new-found kale-chip desire fully.

Also? The kale smells like marijuana. It smells a lot like marijuana. Not while it's cooking, just when you slice it. I googled "kale marijuana" but didn't find anything about kale smelling like marijuana or being a good way to cover up the fact that you are growing marijuana, so I'm at a loss to explain the aroma.


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