Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's a woodpecker, in the wilds of Somerville. This little fellow is trying to get some treats off the faux bois shingles on the house next door. If he pecks hard enough he might get some drugs, because I'm pretty sure that's what the people who live there do all day.

Yesterday I emailed my sister-in-law to tell her Martha was having a Halloween Pet-tacular. She is a fellow appreciator of Martha's unique charms. The pet-tacular involved a fashion show which MS and Isaac Mizrahi commented on. One of Martha's perfectly-coiffed/dressed/slender minions carried her pet bunny, Mimi, in a monogrammed snugli. OMG. S-i-l e-mailed back that she'd read in a recent issue of Martha's magazine that Martha had installed a "bird cam" at one of her properties.

That's when I realized I have my own version of a blond Polish lady bird cam. Me and Martha, we're two peas in a pod.


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