Friday, October 23, 2009

What I saw in the woods

Brought my car to NH yesterday afternoon so PolackPappy could install a new master cylinder and bleed the air out of the brake lines. I helped with the second part. This morning we're getting new back tires, and then it's back to MA for me.

I took Chauncey the Wonder Corgi on a dump walk and saw some of this. Then, while sitting and meditating on a rock on one of the stone walls behind the McPolack homestead, I heard a rustling, and the rustling moved in a wide arc. Suddenly I was being eyeballed by a very curious vole. I decided to be a little less at one with nature for a minute or two so he wouldn't jump on me. Later I realized I was sitting next to what was probably his half-eaten pine cone.

Later still, while walking back, I grazed some poo with my thumb. The poo was furry. With mold. It did not look innocuous and so I did not investigate further. I said yuck and cleaned off my thumb, first on a leaf, and later with soap.


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