Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whoa nelly!

It is cold here in Massofchewyzits. And my downstairs neighbors don't seem to have turned their heat on yet. I don't know how the 90-something lady is keeping warm, but I miss the warmth from downstairs floating upstairs before wafting out my sieve-like living room windows.

I spent much of the day today in a mothballish sweater. One cuff smelled like balls. (heh heh)If I saw/smelt a lady who looked/smelled like me on the street today I might have thought, whoopsie, crazy. Luckily, I did not leave the house.

Tomorrow it's off to NH for an 8 AM appointment in Concord. My car needs lookin' at. Then on Saturday it's Dr. Moo's shower. Good times.


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