Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heatlh Care

I like this ad, both for the yoga moves and the message. I can do the forearm stand at the end and have attempted all the others. Attempted being the operative word.

In my own health care saga, I missed a call from Commonwealth Care, which administers my plan. The customer service rep let me know prices were going up. Well, s-h-i-t, I thought. This can't be good.

Aaaaaaaand, it wasn't. Got my latest bill and it's gone up by more than 50 bucks a month. For bare-bones coverage. The only other option I have is to cancel my prescription coverage, which is pretty much the only thing I've used the insurance for. Luckily, of course - who wants to have to go to the doctor? OK, people with Munchhausen's, but other than them?


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