Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frontline, the abusive boyfriend I can't seem to leave

Watched another depressing documentary last night. This one looked at the economy from the perspective of a hair salon on the Upper East Side. It freaked me out. There were all these older folks, mostly in their 50's, who were running out of money, and they were really screwed--aging, with nobody around to help them. One poor fellow went from networking event to networking event, doing his best to do everything "they" say you should. He broke my heart.

I haven't had as much work lately, which scares me. A friend suggested we could trade our skills where she'll help me with the design for a Web site about my business and I'll help her with the writing for a Web site about hers. It seems like a good idea to me. She's recommended trying out Craigslist, not to search for work, but to post that I am available. That's a good idea, too.


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