Tuesday, November 03, 2009


My friend Walnut is most likely moving in to a place right up the street from me. I still get to keep Miss Scarlett, but now I can cross Mass Ave and be at her place, with sundry goodies made using Miss Scarlett's mechanical wizardry, in minutes. Also, the apartment has a working fireplace, so there will be burning. Safe, controlled burning.

Walnut is one of my oldest friends. Our "meet-cute" was freshman year of high school, in English class. I think it might have even been first period. Anyhoo, we were told to go partner up with someone as an icebreaker and a lovely lady with long brown hair wearing a long-sleeved shirt and skirt she'd tie-dyed herself came over and said hi.

It was one of my first experiences meeting a peer who was unique, smart, and kind. We were, and are, kindred spirits.


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