Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Le Busy Part Der

OSB drove down on Friday with the children she had for JoyceFrances and I. JF and I had resolved not to tease OSB quite so much and managed to hold off for quite some time. But then OSB was picking up sandwiches with my child E while JF and I were in my apartment with her child L. And we decided something needed to be done about L's frizzy hair. So JF put lotion in it and then I got some barrettes and put those in. Then JF and I put barrettes in our hair, too, like freaky triplets.

(Of course OSB noticed immediately, just like she did the time when we swapped all the drawers in her kitchen and the pictures on her walls around when she was out getting pizza. That woman has an eagle eye.)

This was following another delightful visit to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. L, who is 20 months and a firecracker, took to launching herself full-on at the glass display cases with a SMACK! of her chubby hands. It was hilarious. Meanwhile, E, who is 3, looked concernedly at the taxidermied creatures and asked "These are stuffed animals, right?" And I happily told her they were. Later she kept insisting I lift her up to check out this big creepy live centipede, but it was lunchtime and there was a cricket innocently hopping around. Still, I managed to avoid a harsh lesson about the realities of nature. Like a poopy diaper, this is something I as an honorary auntie do not have to deal with. And amen to that.

More tomorrow...


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