Monday, November 23, 2009

Polack pirogi factory

Tomorrow I begin the holiday pirogi-making extravaganza. I have had no work and very badly wanted to begin the extravaganza today, but a, what I really need to do is get work, so I made some headway there, and b, you can't start more than two days before you plan on eating pirogi if you want fresh pirogi.

This year I'm making three filling: mushroom, kapusta (basically kraut cooked in pig fat), and potato/cheese. Tuesday I make all the fillings, which takes hours. Wednesday I make the dough and roll and stuff the pirogis, which also takes hours.

Thursday I eat the pirogi. As do many of my family members. I'm going to try and get enough made for Christmas Eve and for passing along to friends. They freeze well. (Pirogi, not friends.)

It frightens me a little what a Polack I'm becoming. Like PolackPappy, I leave a lot of the lights off and if I need to go into a dark room for just a minute, I bring a flashlight rather than turn the lights on. Like the Babcia I buy things at Goodwill, and bake a lot of stuff, and put a lot of stuff in the freezer. These things used to piss me off when done by the aforementioned people. Such weirdos! I thought.

And now I am one.


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