Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I made some yeast rolls today for Sunday's, I don't know, 17th annual McQ Family X-mas? Dr. Moo will be attending this year, which is nice. Anyhoo, I decided it was time I took a more active role in the family holiday party scene and so I'm baking and roasting and appetizer-ing for three dozen. Walnut's KitchenAid mixer has been a real help in the kneading department and the smells in the kitchen are making me want to try brioche next. I've got one pack of yeast left and plenty of bake left in me.

On the X-mas shopping front, I have very little to buy this year, which is good, as I have very little money. On the X-mas front in general I'm starting to feel like a womens magazine. I've been writing this durn blog so many years now there's nothing new left to say. Christmas: it makes me happy, it makes me sad. I drink eggnog and suck on candy canes and on Christmas Eve I lose my shit. Though I actually have managed to avoid that last part these last few years, by losing my shit in dribbles (heh heh) over the month of December. Last night, for instance, I cried a little while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. It was good. I might give someone the finger with my mind while driving tomorrow. Or maybe I'll punch a reindeer.


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