Monday, December 14, 2009

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In her own words...

It wasn't the grossest thing ever, I think the main factor is that when my uterus is kind of crampy and angry, I shouldn't be fishing stinky bits out of somebody else's uterus.
It was a first calf heifer with hind legs dangling from her vulva by skin. There was some sort of pink creamy GI on the ground that had fallen out of the stinky, gelatinous... See More dead calf. The heifer was chowing down on it and had a pink milk mustache.
It wasn't your typical rotten emphysematous fetus where everything is bloated and dry. There was plenty of fluid that came pouring out at me with every contraction. I reached in for the rib cage and what I pulled out included a head but when it flopped on the ground, I realized there were no bones. That is when I gagged. I fished the rest of it out bit by bit from a sea of stinky fluid. The heifer was fine but kind of pissed we wouldn't let her eat the rest of the junk I pulled out. The End


Anonymous Thursday said...

And I thought I had a bad day.

1:42 PM, December 15, 2009

Anonymous Carmen said...

Hole-y cow.

3:46 PM, December 23, 2009


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