Tuesday, December 01, 2009

O Tannenbaum

Did you know you could get a permit for just 5 bucks, then hike up into the White Mountains and cut your own Christmas tree? I remembered hearing something about this last year. This year I did some investigating. And found this.

I mentioned to both PolackPappy and McMumsy that I'd really love to hike partway up, say, the Moose, chop down an adorable little pine tree, lash it to my backpack, then drive it home. It could sit in my back seat! Well, insofar as trees sit. I was thinking of getting a three-and-a-half-footer. Then I'd have some of the mountains in my house. Later, I could drive it back to NH and recycle it.

I mean, is this awesome or what?

Or what would be Mcm and Pp's answer. "You'd end up spending 30 bucks on gas," said Pp. True enough. But if I get depressed enough, I'm tossing my boots, my crampons, and an axe into my backpack and I'm heading north.


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