Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Checkin' in with Gee-zus

Went back to Mass this Sunday after some time away, and at the Paulist Center to boot. Tonight I went back to Taize at the Methodist church and it was just what I needed. I'm jumping back into writing this week. It's not a particularly compelling topic in the grand scheme of things but I can't help but take it very seriously. I'm still working out the balance between a healthy amount of fear around the writing process versus an incapacitating amount.

I forgot to talk Turkey Day so here's a story from this year's event: We were sitting around discussing adoption; specifically, one group of relatives was trying to convince the daughter of my cousin T that her grandfather, my uncle D, was adopted. And Spanish. With the middle name "Juan." They really got her going. Later, I mentioned another cousin, who in fact had been adopted. "Wait a minute," said yet another cousin, "I thought that was a joke."


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