Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I interrupt this blog...

I'm, like, wicked busy. It's Christmas, all of a sudden. Who knew that was coming? I'm still not done shopping. I have a long list of things to do. Then Dr. Moo gets married. Which comes with its own list-o-things. Right now there are helicopters over my house, owing to a train derailment-no injuries, thank goodness. I have a double batch of halfway-to-brioche dough on its first rise in the oven and about 8 million pounds of laundry to put away.

McQ Family Xmas was big fun, as usual. This year I got a glass jar with a string of colored lights stuck in it; the plug hung out the top and there was some gold star trim wrapped around it-it wasn't even taped. Total piece-o-crap. I left it at the McPolack homestead. I assume its next stop will be the dump. We had a white elephant yankee swap and while if I was given an actual white elephant I would probably take it to the SPCA as opposed to throwing it away, trading crap gifts is kind of the point. Only sometimes people bring gifts they think are nice, until someone (or several someones) guffaws at that gift's monstrosity. And this is how family feuds are born.

Also at the McQFC was a giant scrapbook filled with old pictures, news clippings, and telegrams. One of the articles was about great-great-grammy Bean and how she was still farming and splitting cords of wood and raising multiple (grand)chilluns at the age of 81. It extolled her many many many virtues. The only problem with the article, as I was informed by relatives in the know, is that it was her daughter Thus who actually had to do all the work. Because great-great-grammy Bean was a total bitch.


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