Monday, May 17, 2010

Dirt road racin'

This is Jimberley James the Horrible Hound. I hung out with him and his kitty siblings Chloe Claws and Buddy at the Dr. and Mr. Moo estate in Addison County. Jim is not the brightest of bulbs. Case in point: When I gave him an entire Milk-Bone out of the treat jar instead of one of the Milk-Bone pieces in that same jar, he dropped it on the floor and looked at me. So I gave him a Milk-Bone piece, which he ate. The most telling part of this tale is that he did not, upon finishing the Milk-Bone piece, go on to eat the whole Milk-Bone that lay on the floor beside him. I don't think he understood what it was because he normally only gets Milk-Bone pieces.

These are the cows who live across the street from Jimberley. They like him. A lot.

But what they really like is racing.


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