Thursday, May 06, 2010


I've written before about how Dr. Moo and I inherited beefy Polish man-legs and now Dr. Moo's beefy PM-Ls have shown up in the newspaper. There's an annual spring road race in her neck of the woods; last year she and Jimberley James the Horrible Hound ran it together. Or should I say she tried to run it, but JJ the HH kept having to take dump breaks and water breaks. He also galumphs instead of runs. And his ears go all flippy-flappy. He looks really cute and doofy.

Recently Dr. Moo was asked by race officials if she and JJ the HH would be running and when she intimated that perhaps they'd sit it out this year, the officials wouldn't take no for an answer. They had already planned out multiple doggie water stops.

Then she got a copy of the local paper and there was Jimberley James, running free as the breeze in last year's race, trailed by my sister and her ginormous legs. Her husband made the mistake of saying "Well I'm bald in every picture." No, no, Mr. Moo. Bad. You tell the lady with the beefy legs that her legs are not that beefy. Which is very true! Dr. Moo is tiny. And my legs are beefier. Although, as Dr. Moo kindly pointed out, mine have a bit of an indentation at points, a shape, if you will, whereas hers are straight-up-and-down beef.

I however got the fat ass when God was handing out body parts so it all evens out in the end.


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