Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Going to be getting my butt over to the McPolack homestead at some point in May so's I can help PolackPappy plant veggies. He wants to expand the tomato patch and move the squash and...who knows? I for one would like to plant potatoes. Oh and onions. And maybe garlic. And Brussels sprouts.

Here in the 'ville they have a program where, for the cost of materials (which is apparently around 200 bucks) volunteers will come help you make a raised bed garden. Unfortunately the yard space here is tiny, shaded, and the property of the downstairs tenant's dog.

In other plant news, my street geranium (as in I picked it up off the sidewalk; it even had a note attached to it) finally bloomed. It's got one magenta flower clump. I am very proud.


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