Monday, April 19, 2010

Lilac time

My extreme busyness continues unabated. To counteract the nasty bitch that is starting to emerge when people call me up and ask me for things such as some of my almost nonexistent free time, I have been spending five minutes a day thinking about what I'm grateful for. Here's a sampling:

1. Whilst walking from one office to another at the large 'n fancy university, I got to meet, for the second time, Nelson the corgi. And give him a biscuit. It was because I have a window in my office that I even knew Nelson was outside, and I am grateful for that, too.

2. On that same walk, I saw a lilac bush just beginning to bloom. I performed my first lilac snorfle of 2010. It was quick but great.

3. Last night I had a delightful time babysitting D, who is now 5. It has been a joy watching her turn from bump in her mama's belly into a fully realized kid. We made a runway for her Polly Pockets, then decided the runway needed to be over an ocean, so we made one of those, too. I let her stay up late. When she went to bed I watched a documentary about Vogue magazine and it was awesome.

4. Next month I will be visiting a friend in Cooperstown. We're going to go to some historical museums (sorry, baseball fans, prolly not the one it's known for) and do some target practice with her Pop's many guns, per my request. Good times!


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