Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Due to large amount of actual life being lived, I'm on a bit of a story backlog. Pic above is of the 15 different nibbly bits I identified in the bar snack mix JoyceFrances and I tried not to gorge ourselves on after listening to Deepak Chopra talk for nearly three motherf*&ing hours, complete with hard-to-decipher PowerPoint slides.

Interestingly many of the other people at the Chopra event, which was part of a yoga conference, were there just for him. The talk, which pretty well and good summed up my own view of spirituality, including how quantum physics fits in there, very neatly ended by noting a really great way to get what Deepak was selling was by doing yoga. Nice job marketing, D! Later McMumsy told me D had claimed responsibility for an earthquake due to his powerful meditating. To which I say absolute power corrupts absolutely, but becoming a new age superstar will turn the sanest of men into fruitcakes.

Despite a hint of fruitcakiness, D did have a lot of important, powerful things to say, and I also got to meditate with a roomful of strangers and it was lovely.

You know what else was lovely? Picking up that napkin in the above photo, pouring all 15 assorted nibbly bits in my mouth, and washing them down with fizzy water and lime. Dee-lish.


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