Monday, April 26, 2010

TV of the future

I've been watching a lot of the on-demand free stuff offered by my cable company lately. I really like being able to pause programs and I extra really like not having to watch commercials. Plus there's almost nothing fun to watch on regular TV anymore, except for Real Housewives, 30 Rock and The Office - which conveniently are all on one night but at different times.

I don't really "get" my taste in television programming. I'm bored by nearly everything. I'd say it's because it's all crap but Frontline's not even cutting it for me anymore-although that's due more to my not being able to stomach sadness.

In other McPolack news, my friend L, who is moving to France, returned the stuffed kitty I lent her when she was lonely. So I put the stuffed kitty next to my kitty and my kitty started sniffing the stuffed kitty. She passed her schnoz all all over it. And by all I mean she hopped up on a chair behind the stuffed kitty, bent down, and sniffed its butt.


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