Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Further Frozen Indian Food

Had to go to the LNFU and couldn't finish the post prior to this one. I am grateful for the job but I am having a hard time making time to write. The blog, believe it or not, takes time and forethought and research. I don't like just throwing stuff up on it. Although today I considered storing my notes about the Europe trip on here just so I wouldn't lose the memories. For example, I was walking back from getting some apples from my favorite Polish apple farmer when I saw a guy with weird-looking shoes. They reminded me of some shoes Cousin B and I saw in a store window in Cologne.

Those shoes were long and flat and black and shaped at the front like pieces of pizza that suffered a McMumsy attack. On pizza night at the McPolack homestead, McMumsy will eat a couple of regular pieces of pizza and announce that she is full. But she is not really full. If you decide to eat your pizza later you may find the tips have been cut off and consumed by McMumsy. She'll go a good two inches up. It's a little infuriating.

(Her sneakeating of the tastiest morsels of things isn't confined to pizza. Sometimes when you're eating her fluffy-haired face will appear over your shoulder and then a hand sneaks in-zoop!-and the tastiest bit of whatever's on your plate disappears down her piehole. This is followed by a giggle.)

Anyhoo, I later spotted those detipped-pizza-slice shoes on the feet of a Tmobile salesguy, also in Cologne.

And now I've gone completely off-topic. I'll write more on the Indian food later.


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