Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ohhhhhhh where to begin?

I drove to the LNFU today because it was raining, and I managed to parallel park Phyllis perfectly, on the first try. That has never happened. I did have quite a bit of space in which to maneuver, but still.

Then I had a conversation with a fellow subatomic office particle about the fantasy novel she's writing. The main characters are a teenage necromancer and her sassy gay friend. She (the author) was worried about the subject matter, given how popular zombies are these days. I told her not to worry. Zombies are very meta. Teenage necromancers with sassy gay friends are much more relatable.

Later a postdoc doing foreign-government-funded research told me he's interested in doing a micro CT scan of a leech. "It's alive," he said. "Well it won't be when after you X-ray it," I replied. Then he asked me if I wanted to see the leech. Who wouldn't?

He was keeping the leech in some water in a jar on his desk. It was surprisingly beautiful. The grad student who gave it to him told me she knew people who let leeches feed off them, because they wanted to know what it felt like. I asked how long they let the leeches feed.

"Until they were full and fell off," she answered.

Then she proceeded to tell me about how one day she was eating lunch and a girl came in with gauze on her arm and she was going to have lunch too, but then she started dripping blood despite the gauze. Public service announcement: if you let a leech have some of you for breakfast, you're going to still be bleeding at lunch.

The whole leech thing reminded me of this.

Later that day, as I walked back to perfectly-parked Phyllis, I passed a white kitty and a marmalade kitty sitting side-by-side in a first-floor screened-in window. I said hi to them. They did not say hi back, but then kitties don't speak English.


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