Monday, April 09, 2012

Magical nose teapot

Despite judicious use of hand sanitizer, including the small amount I rubbed on my lips after I realized the adorable fat baby who'd snuck his hand in my mouth last week had the same cold everyone around me seemed to, my throat started feeling scratchy around 8 PM last night. I went right out and got some zinc lozenges. Alas the Easter candy wasn't half-price yet, which meant I had to go back out to the store again today.

I am now in full-on sickness assault mode: fluids, lozenges, eucalyptus steam, magical nose teapot (aka neti and also apparently aka nose bidet-gross!). Only, guess what? Zinc on an empty stomach makes you nauseous. And tea doesn't count towards stomach filler. At least I got a nice nap in post nearly-dry heaves, though I missed out on flipping between General Hospital and Dr. Phil the mustachioed blowhard.

The Daphs was on her heating pad perch on the top of the sofa watching me sleep. When I awoke she stretched out one of her long furry limbs, which is her signal that she would like some attention please. If this signal is ignored the meowing begins. If the meowing is ignored, she's discovered that deploying a single claw to an exposed face part is quite effective. This only happens if I am actively sleeping, though.


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11:43 PM, April 15, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back to us, McPolack!

10:46 PM, June 25, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh, I don't know if that comment went through. I didn't realize I was supposed to type two words below - i only saw one.


Come back to us, McPolack!!

10:47 PM, June 25, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like you've given up on this, eh?

9:21 AM, July 26, 2012

Blogger Jane said...

It's been 8 months..yikes..and I still can't read the captcha thingie.

11:03 PM, December 11, 2012

Anonymous naukri yar said...

5:17 PM, September 29, 2013


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