Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Updates

So my weekend was, well, ho-hum. Thursday morning I got a very lovely tour of a local radio station and sat in on a talk show I've liked for a long time, and joined their editorial meeting afterward. My father knows the show's executive producer. McMumsy was v.v. excited; she was hoping, first, for a job offer, and second, that the ep would be potential husband material.

I, having been down this road many times before, knew not to expect much, and was therefore pleasantly surprised. First of all, I was amazed to get such access to the show -- it's pretty rare that people let you sit in on their editorial meetings. And with the exception of the host, who may have been wondering WTF I was doing there, everybody was super nice. I liked it. When I mentioned I'd applied for a job there once, the producer told me I could certainly have an internship. In other words, no job for you. Which makes sense when you consider that I have no experience in radio. He did give me contact info for the news director so I can try doing some essays to read on air. On the husband front, I didn't find myself immediately attracted to him, but he really seemed a lovely person.

Dr. Moo's eyeball surgery went fine. I got to watch. It was a tad odd seeing her staring at me from a tv screen, odder still to watch her eyeball get sliced open. Traffic in Montreal was terrible and the concierge sent us to shitty restaurants. Then we went back to Vermont where I saw a house that was built on the sale of one sheep, ate some really excellent food, and watched yet another episode of MacGyver, featuring an el fako Hungarian with a crookedly glued-on beard.



Anonymous Thursday said...

Hang on - have I missed something here?
1. Dr Moo's eye surgery?
2. You watched it???
3. House built on sale of one sheep - requires further explanation!

Thank you!

5:33 AM, August 22, 2006

Blogger McPolack said...

OK. So Dr. Moo had Lasix, because it is a pain in the ass to wear glasses during surgery and contacts don't work, either. I got to sit outside teh surgery suite and see her on the table and see her eyeballs, one at a time, on a TV screen. It was over in like 15 minutes.

The house built on the sale of one sheep is a lovely brick farmhouse in Addison County, Vermont. It was built when merino wool was very valuable and the story is that the family that originally built the house did so using money they got from selling just one merino breed of sheep.

7:11 AM, August 22, 2006

Anonymous Thursday said...

OK, got it.

6:51 AM, August 23, 2006


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