Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I heart Minnesota

So my favorite couple of the evening at the wedding of the Little Brother ended up being a couple of Minnesotans. The husband danced with me during the first dance and managed to not make me feel like an elephant in a tutu, no easy task, and also caused a stir in my family, who sent a spy over to ask "Who was that?"

I had to inform the spy that as he was currently a husband he was therefore not future husband material. He did, however, seem a bit like my brother from another mother as he was very attentive to his 92 year old grandmother, much as I am attentive to the old lady in my own family.

The wife actually went to college at St. Olaf's, and while she is sweet like Rose Nyland, she went to business school at Tuck, which is where she met her husband, and is most popular with 50 to 80 year old men, just as I am. She and I went and explored one of the big barns on the property, and found some giant mouldering trophy meese.

I mean moose.

In other McP news, I am sick, and I skipped yoga to take a nap on of course a day when someone is using a chainsaw and has been for hours. There aren't any trees here! What the hell could they be chopping? Grr.



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