Wednesday, October 04, 2006


When I get sick, while I wouldn't say I take my temperature every five minutes, I do take it relatively frequently, and I am currently running a slight fever.

Exciting, I know. I'll try more when I'm not sick to keep this blog from getting fucking boring.

Anyhoo I noticed I was feeling really hot and had a headache and that's when I got out my trusty no-name digital thermometer and stuck it up my butt!

OK, I didn't stick it up my butt.

But, and McMumsy will be pleased to hear this, my illness did not stop me from a two-hour workout, a regular workday, and a jaunt to the farmer's market to get vittles for the dinner I am preparing this evening: a salad of organic argula, spinach, easter egg radishes, and heirloom tomatoes with chopped walnuts and Parmesan cheese. Three-cheese tortellini with shrimp, mushrooms, and zucchini in a butter/lemon/garlic sauce.

And for dessert?

Flan from a can!

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