Thursday, December 14, 2006

General Malaise of the Mind

Would be what I have been feeling for several days now. The Ritalin, when I don't have anything to focus my energy on, isn't so great, and to be quite honest, it makes sitting and doing transcription work just suck.

Actually I think it might be that the transcription work just sucks. I mean, WTF am I doing typing up shit for 10 dollars an hour at my age and with my background and skill set? I have felt since being back there that I am wasting my time.

Anyhoo I did have a final evaluatory wrap-up meeting at the Hallowell Center last night but my general malaise makes me not want to talk about it. And in terms of feeling Christmasey, well, it's been 50 g-d degrees here all month and I feel like I'm living in Florida, home of the crazy people governed by a Bush.

At least I am being semi productive. I am baking AGAIN although I do believe this is for the last time, and I am writing my Christmas cards. Christmas is only ten days away but I am not feeling the holiday spirit even one iota and I can't remember feeling this way before.

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