Wednesday, December 13, 2006

McPolack Movie Minute

I'm not the sort of woman who goes to see a lot of movies or even rents them much, necessarily. In the last year I only remember seeing that movie about magicians that both the person I went with and I thought was supposed to be about what The Prestige was about but it turned out to be that other movie about magicians, with Ed Norton and Jessica Biel.

It wasn't that great.

Then last week I watched The Matador with friends, while doing laundry and eating bacon and mushroom pizza with extra cheese. I can heartily recommend The Matador, with my sole complaint being the excessive amount of fucking -- and it is not making love, it is fucking -- that seems to serve as a backdrop to the film. Curiously, there is also a lot of fucking going on in the Alice Hoffman novel I am reading. That writer is really into plot lines involving women all wrapped up in what are TOTALLY the wrong men for them.

And now I am watching Syriana. Again. I saw this movie by myself in the theater last year and I really loved it. And it has only improved over time. It has everything I like in a flick: No extraneous fucking, an intricate plot line, and George Clooney.


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