Friday, February 01, 2008


I consoled Dr. Moo last night after a hard day on the job; she'd lost three patients: A cow from a university herd, of respiratory distress, a pet pink piggy, possibly from tainted food, and a six-month-old alpaca, who seized and died while Moo was making a phone call, due to there being something really wrong with his bladder.

Some days Moo deals with a lot of suffering animals, and even when she does the best she can, she can't alleviate their pain. I was glad to have words for her; sometimes, it's hard to know how to help the people you love. I told her the truth: that those animals were lucky to have her, that they didn't die terrible deaths unloved and alone in some horrible factory farm or alone or with a vet that didn't care. She's a benefit, always.

Anyhoo, there have been more cheerful tales from her as of late. She visited with a potbellied pig who lives indoors and hops up on the sofa like a doggie. And then with a doggie who is fat like a piggie because despite getting just a half cup of food a day, he drinks the cows' milk and eats their feed and hounds (heh heh) everyone that shows up on the farm for biscuits.

Oh and sometimes he hides behind the driver's seat of the UPS man's truck and the UPS man drives off only to have to turn around and come back when the porkchop makes his presence known.



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