Saturday, November 27, 2010


Another Turkey Day has come and gone and I am thankful for several things. I learned a new phrase from cousin Michelle. When she saw the big green ring I was wearing she asked if I was wearing it to keep my pimp hand strong. I correctly surmised the reason for keeping a pimp hand strong: ho-slappin'.

Despite my advanced age, I am still relevant.

I purchased a new vacuum cleaner on Black Friday at Tarzhay. It was normally $45.00 but marked down to $28.00. I'd been sucking up the incredible volume of hair and fur one long-haired kitty and one even longer-haired lady generate with a stick vacuum I bought six years ago whose handle had been twice Gorilla-Glued and whose sucky suckability meant I spent a half-hour or more vacuuming one hall and one living room but still had to get down on my hands and knees to rub the hair up from the carpet with a sponge.

But no more! The $28.00 model sucked up a whole bunch of ick, and in a see-through container for viewing the fruits of your labors and a flip-down lid so you don't have to touch them. I was so excited I started calling people but as it was a Friday night, nobody was home.

Finally, I am thankful for this:

When I was on the porch loading my plate with turkey for my nine-o'clock feeding I noticed Ethel the Spectacular Barn Kitty was watching me through the door to the barn. I went inside and grabbed one of PolackPappy's shirts because E the SBK is a bit of a violent cuddler. She likes to knead her sharp paws into your thigh while rubbing her face up and down your arm and smooshing it in your armpit, drooling in ecstasy all the while. I gave her pats for a good 20 minutes, and then left the shirt on the floor for her because it was warm from my lap and it was cold in the barn.

The next morning McMumsy informed me E the SBK had left me a gift, seen above, placement of the body courtesy of Ethel.


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