Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I am a terrible hippie

Cousin B rightly noted the above fact when I announced how much I love air conditioning. And boy do I ever. I wish I had central air. That would be a dream come true. I hate, hate, hate to be hot; hot and sticky is even worse. It's still not cold enough out for me, as a matter of fact. I walked to work Monday and Tuesday and when I got in I was sweaty. What the hell, warming trend? Where is my ice age?

Anyhoo,the walking to work was/is an attempt to fit in some meditating, some additional fitness, and quit killing my planet with gas fumes (from my car, that is, heh heh). I am 1.5 miles from the LNFU yet the fastest I can get in there is 15 minutes. Public transportation is expensive and ineffectual, the idea of riding a bike in is terrifying, and walking takes half an hour or so.

Really I suppose I shouldn't be pissing and moaning at all about this since I know plenty of people commute a long way. But I specifically set my life up and made trade-offs to avoid wasting my time. And I bet I hate wasting it more than you do!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wasting time is my ultimate pet peeve. i HATE that i have a 40min commute. and add to that i have to get to work early if i want a parking spot close to my bldg. so i bring a knitting project with me, and knit in my car until it's time to go to work. i wished i did live a mile from my job. i would totally walk. and i love the cold too.-heidi

9:08 AM, December 03, 2010


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