Thursday, October 27, 2011


One perk of my LNFU work is that when it's raining out or I just need a change of scenery I can walk to an office I regularly interact with by way of the natural history museum. I normally walk pretty briskly past the taxidermied fauna but today I crossed paths with a steady stream of Catholic junior high schoolers who were exiting what must be a much larger classroom than I originally thought based on how many uniformed kids came out of it. I decided to wait it out, and then trailed an older woman with a cane who was bringing up the rear. It was a slow walk, owing more to the Catholic schoolchildren than the lady.

She and I chatted briefly on our way down the stairs - she opened the conversation by saying she had two bionic knees. I told her I was very impressed, and even more impressed that she was taking the stairs in spite of them. Then she said she walks with her cane at school because she tends to topple over and she works with kids who are at an age where they're very self-involved.

When I arrived at my destination, a coworker said the next time I find myself in a similar situation I should just announce I'm an unwed mother who's had three abortions.


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