Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sometimes I think I will never make the right decision about the way I live my life, and some days I feel done in by PolackPappy's warning that a lack of decision is a decision in itself.

But enough with the maudlin. On Friday the LNFU had a members-only party for itself and I decided to attend, hoping for free tasty snacks and maybe door prizes. Alas there were neither. There was rain, and mud, and beakers filled with what I decided was the blood of all the virgins they sacrificed to ensure the LNFU's continued prosperity. The red stuff was meant to be poured over ice cream. There was also a ginormous cake, and a chocolate fountain, and a lot of booze. But I didn't want to get near the booze and couldn't get near any of the other stuff because it wall-to-wall people. You could not move, or see anything, or hear anything. I think if I were an undergrad it would have been fun, but it was no place for a grown-up.


Anonymous Thursday said...

Sounds like you made the right decision about the party. I'd say you're on the right track.

3:24 PM, October 18, 2011

Blogger McPolack said...

Thanks, Thursday.

11:11 AM, October 20, 2011


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