Thursday, November 10, 2005


So during the ride home from yoga on Tuesday my German friend told me she was going to go home and reheat some "Noodleflaufal" which is a dish from her homeland that's like mac and cheese with ham. I giggled a little when I heard the name. She said the women she works with giggled at the name too. She wanted to know why people giggled at German names. I told her they just sounded foreign to us Americans. What I should have told her was that in Germany, they get to laugh at every domestic and foreign policy decision made in this country since W took office. We have to laugh at something in return. We picked noodleflaufal.

Anyhoo tonight she is hosting the Alias-watching. I'm trying to accept Balthazar Getty as my new sexy boyfriend but it's hard to replace Michael Vartan. I am bringing a salad of fresh herbs, baby spinach, cabbage, and cucumbers. She is making a crazy German pizza comprised of cream cheese, onions, and bacon. I think it's called Farfegnugen. Or maybe it's leiderhosen. Whatever it's called, I'm sure it will be geschmackvoll.



Anonymous Smiley said...

It's Nudelauflauf :)

7:06 PM, June 20, 2006


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