Friday, December 23, 2005

Aaaaaand it gets worse

So. I arrive at the McPolack homestead to more bad news:

1. People think Babcia is poor again.
So my Babcia is one of the ten most stubborn people on the planet. She refuses, and I mean refuses, to spend money on much of anything. She has plenty of it; she just won't spend it. The women who come to give her a bath and clean her house bought her a whole new outfit and two big boxes of food, including a fair-sized chicken because they think she can't afford that stuff on her own. To them I say: Good luck getting her to wear the outfit, and all the food is going to end up at our house.

2. Sluggo, my parent's darling fat kitty, has a congenital kidney problem and probably needs to be put to sleep.
He's lying in the vet's office right now, catheterized. We're waiting on Dr. Moo's opinion but in all likelihood he'll be put down tonight. The other option is to bring him home to see how he does -- and his prognosis is not good -- which mean's he'd be dying. Over Christmas.

I think it's time to start feeling grateful for the things I do have. I'm glad for my friends and family and health and that I am lucky enough to live where I do and have what I have. Even when things are sucking (nearly) beyond the telling of it.

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Blogger Melissa said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months now and you are an excellent writer. Don't let the pin heads get to you - they will always try. I enjoy your take on the things that happen with men, work, family, Whole Foods and Wolfgang Puck's wegetibles.

Work will come and go, and when the perfect one for you comes along it will happen. Yeah, I know that sounds like so much bullshit, but it's true. After being completely out of work for about 9 months my self esteem bottomed out and I was ready to go put in an application at Walmart *shudder*, but 3 days later I got a call back. I've been on this editing gig for about 6 years now.

You are talented, you really can do this.

Men suck. Just when you think you've found one that you can be comfortable with, not even long term but through date 7, he somehow turns into a toad and you are starting all over--yet again.

You aren't alone. Even though I'm just another hazey face in the blog world, I understand.

And thanks for the advice on that firming soap/lotion (?) I didn't bother buy any after your final report.

1:44 PM, December 24, 2005


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