Saturday, October 28, 2006

"I chew my cud, and I poop in balls, like a bunny or a sheep."

So sayeth Dr. Moo. She's in my apartment right now and she asked me to come look at her poo, and so I did. This is nothing new; I've seen it before, when she was a toddler. PolackPappy called us all into the bathroom. "Look what your sister did!" he said, with pride, while Dr. Moo stood beside the bowl, hands clasped behind her back, beaming.

Moo just told me this poopnomenon doesn't normally happen. It's only once in a while. And I am sorry if I grossed anyone, or, well, everyone, out, but I couldn't resist sharing.

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Blogger Teri said...

C'mon, doesn't everyone poop little balls sometimes? Seriously, drinking more water helps make the ideal banana shape we all aspire to.

4:05 PM, October 30, 2006


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