Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Running Buddy

As I've noted before, something in my aura tends to attract 50 to 80 year old men and weirdos to me like bees to honey. Sometimes dogs and small children follow me around, too.

Take this morning, for example: I'm almost done my jog, I'm on CD #2, when I pass by a girl, probably around 9 or 10, who's on her way to school. She's got her backpack on, her hair braided, and she's good-sized. Not fat, but not thin either. I smile at her as I run by and think nothing of it.

Then I hear a clop-clopping sound and I realize the little girl is jogging behind me. I turn around and smile at her and tell her she's very fast. Then I seem to lose her, but when I reached the entrance to the school, I look down, and there she is, smiling up at me. I smile at her again and tell her I think she's pretty good and to have a good day. She tells me to have a good day, too, and heads off to school, while I head home.



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