Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Virtual Pack Rat

I recently discovered the joy of taking CD's out of the library and copying them into iTunes...I'm up over 1,000 songs now, which is quite nifty! I am all about the library.

However I have yet to listen to many of them. I've taken a shine to compilation albums, because it's more bang for your buck (you can take out 8 CD's at a time from the library and multidisc sets count as just one) but I don't take the time to weed through them to find the songs I like. This is partly because hey maybe I might like one of those songs whose title I've never heard of but I've got too much to do to listen to it right now. Which brings me to the reason behind the VPR title of this post. Mine iPod Sheena offers me a way to feed the pack rat in me virtually, storing away hundreds upon hundreds of songs that I may well never listen to. But! If I ever want to listen to them, they'll be waiting.

Yesterday I loaded up nearly every song Neil Diamond has ever written. I love Neil Diamond, but partly because Dr. Moo and I enjoy making each other giggle by belting out his tunes on long car trips. "I am I said! To no one there. And no one heard at all, not even the chair" is, for whatever reason, particularly silly to us. Then last night I decided "Say, I shall listen to this album right now!" So I clicked on "Yesterday's Song." And you know what? It's ridiculous and dorky, like so much of Neil's oeuvre. But in a bad way, as opposed to, say, "Girl, You'll be A Woman Soon."

So I shut it off, and loaded up the 7 other CD's I borrowed.



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