Friday, November 04, 2011

Pretty guten

Yesterday I:
Learned to navigate the marble layers of an LNFLibrary

Saw one of the few complete Gutenberg bibles in existence

Had a pleasant chat with a Parisian-born Milanese fellow.

The Paritalian worked at a big financial newspaper whose name he spoke as if it were very well-known. I didn't recognize the name, which sounded something like Un Crossaint de Republique Oo Huh Huh Huh Le Monde Depardieu. Then because as everyone knows newspaper writing=make crap money doing hard work, he left the Crossaint of the World to work at L'Oreal, a much easier to remember and recognize French company. But then he left L'Oreal and went back to Croissant of the World, although currently he is on leave from Croissant to study the philosophy of communications. He was on the library tour with me and was very polite. Cold at first, but once he heard I had a journalism degree he was friendlier. His favorite philosopher is Schopenhauer. I think. This part of the conversation is harder to recall. Anyhoo, I'm more of a fan of Kierkegaard.


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