Monday, December 26, 2005


After having a bit of a mini-meltdown on Christmas Eve where I yelled at everyone in my immediate family and cried and refused to go to "Goddamn midnight mass" (sorry, Jesus!) I woke Christmas morning feeling a wee bit better. Here are highlights of the booty haul:

1. 5 1/2 quart saute pan. I used to go and "visit" this puppy at Crate and Barrel in Harvard Square. It was purchased for me by my well-to-do little brother. Thanks, bro!
2. Big antique wooden mortar and pestle and antique sterling silver carving knife, both purchased for my by Polackpappy, who offered up a lesson in mortar-and-pestling to go along with the first gift. To which my brother said: "I think she knows how to use it. Wasn't the m'n'p the first tool invented by the cavemen?" To which I said "Pp, I'm only half Polish, remember. I think I can figure it out." Thanks, Pp!
3. Fancy polarized sunglasses, courtesy of Dr. Moo. They're normally three hundred dollars but she got 'em for around twenty bucks. They make me look like an alien but I think they'll be great for doing outdoorsy stuff in the snow. The only caveat Dr. Moo offered with them is that I am not allowed to wear them when I'm with her because she thinks I look like an idiot in them.Thanks, sistah!

The other big highlight of the day was when Dr. Moo and I almost killed Babcia. We were trying to help her up the stone steps leading to the front door of the McPolack homestead and had the genius idea of having Dr. Moo shove the Babcia hard from behind whilst I yanked hard from the front. We succeeded in knocking B right over onto a big piece of granite. Whoopsie. Luckily, she was okay.

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Blogger Teri said...

You got cool stuff! What will you grind with your mortar and pestal?

10:20 PM, December 26, 2005

Blogger McPolack said...

You know, I'm not sure. I'd asked for a mortar and pestle so I could smash up herbs and garlic but this wooden one is good for only dry spices, apparently, so maybe I'll use it to smush up pepper. Oh, and I have some whole coriander seeds that I used to have to put between two pieces of paper and whack with a rolling pin, so it'll be good for that.

11:21 AM, December 28, 2005


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