Tuesday, December 27, 2005

TV Watching With McMumsy

Last night, after getting back from the Eucharistic Adoration chapel (I know I sound super-Catholic; I'm not, trust me) where I went with McMumsy to say the rosary and pray, she and I sat down to watch some tv together. She started off with Greta van Sustern (McM is a newshound) and was flipping channels when I left the room to get something to drink. I heard her calling me from the kitchen and came running in.

"Look at this," she said to me.

I looked.

And screamed: "Oh my God! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Blinking? Blinking? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! They're blinking! What the hell is that?"

McMumsy had switched to TLC, which has of late become a bit of a freak show. Last night they were showing a, I shit you not, two-headed baby. And both heads were, it seemed, alive. There was a regular baby head attached to a regular baby body and then another head sort of growing off the side of the first one. From what I could see in my brief glimpses (I screamed and screamed and then left the room so I didn't get a super-good look) this second head had some sort of stumpy neck growing off it and the eyes on it were bright, alert, looking around, and blinking.

I personally found it horrifying and sick that they had this child on camera under the pretense of a documentary. Nobody is watching this for any reason other than to gawk at the freak. Unfortunately, McMumsy found it kind of amusing. Actually, I think it made her really uncomfortable, because she kept giggling, and she does that when she's nervous.

Anyways, my opinion of TLC has plummeted. I'm okay with freaky celebrities and stupid pundits and bad reality shows. I'm not okay with exploiting babies, no matter how many heads they have.

That being said, I did watch "The 650 pound man" on TLC the other night. He couldn't stop eating and died. What he could and did do was make a conscious decision to put himself in the public eye. That poor baby could not.



Blogger K said...

HA!!! I was watching TLC last night too! I quit after "I am My Own Twin," as I didn't want to risk catching even two seconds of "Born Without a Face." What's up with TLC? I thought these were joke show titles or something.

8:50 PM, December 27, 2005


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