Wednesday, December 28, 2005

You can take the Polack out of the Pappy...

...well, actually you can't. Try though we might, and we do try, Polackpappy remains a man unto himself. His current favorite mode of transportation is an ancient Volvo he bought off a couple of Russian immigrants. He souped it up, Polack style, by removing the driver's side front seat and replacing it with the passenger side front seat...and then he didn't bother to install the driver's seat in the passenger's place. So, when you go for a ride with Pp (as I often have) you have a lot of leg room because when it comes to the passenger side front seat, there's no there there.

Pp also likes to take his bridge out and give a semi-toothless grin and for many years he retaliated to my taunting his gut by chasing me around the yard without his shirt on yelling "Give us a kish! Give us a kish!" and beating his fatness like a tom-tom drum whilst shaking it up and down and back and forth.

He is no longer fat (and in truth was always more hearty than tubby) but still sartorially challenged. When he went with McMumsy to volunteer at a homeless shelter the other night, he was offered a room.

Yet for Christmas I bought him The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth because I knew he would love it. If there was ever a book you couldn't judge by its cover, it's him.

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Blogger Teri said...

Beautiful tribute to Pp!

11:55 PM, December 29, 2005


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