Sunday, July 23, 2006


So cuarentayuno is sitting on my living room floor wrapping up his four colognes (Tommy, Joop!, a Calvin Klein one and one more I don't remember) in the protective plastic he brought the wonderful drawing he drew (and one first prize for) and framed himself in an antique frame for me as a parting gift.

Parting because I'm waking him up at 6 in the morning so he can go back to Mexico. He was let go recently from the place I met him at, a place I was let go from three and a half years ago, and had ten days to pack up seven years worth of stuff and leave.

He has to stay there for a year because of various and sundry immigration laws and because the laws in this country (as far as I am concerned) suck.

Anyhoo. He's taking it a lot better than I am -- looking at it as a way to reevaluate his life, take a break, maybe go back to school, work on his art. I'm happy he feels good, happy he has something to go to in Mexico, but he is a dear, dear friend and a wonderful person and I want him here with me.

We've had a good sendoff though. OSB brought her baby and we all had lunch at the hipster cafe in the square near my house. Then Gil and I went downtown to get him some clothes and shoes (and I got a swell cheap nice dress at Hos 'n Mos) then L came over and we took Gil out for Greek food and I just finished baking him cookies to have for breakfast and take with him on the plane.

c, just so you know: you are a spectacular human being. I love, love, love you and I am so glad to know you and God willing I am coming to Mexico in January.


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