Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This week the happy hippy lady at the farmer's market was having a 2 for 1 deal so I got a head of Simpson's black seed and one of speckled lettuce (which dates back to 1660!) for just two American dollars. Such a bargain. Then I visited the married man-slut farmer who flirts with everyone and bought a tomato and some beans. He wanted to know what the good word was but I was too slow on the uptake to give him anything, although after awhile I came out with a half-hearted pierogi after he said something to me in Russian that he said meant "beets."

Then when I got home I decided to treat the Daphs to some kitty greens, also known as the lawn. When I walked in with a handful of it she literally howled at me and kept howling until I fed it to her in clumps, which she ate sideways making munchmunchmunchpurrrrrrrmunchmunchmunchpurrrrrrrrrr sounds. Now she's napping on her ottoman. I suspect she'll throw up later.

I'm glad to say that greens don't have that affect on me, however, and that I shall be eating a large salad with greens in it for dinner. (Oh and also a grinder with pepper turkey, brown sugar ham, provolone and lorraine swiss cheese, mayo, mustard, and more lettuce. and pita chips.)


Blogger Teri said...

yum! greens are sooooooo good for you. your dinner sounds divine!

8:10 PM, July 27, 2006

Blogger nonsequitur said...

You know what goes really well with the greens, cheese and pita chips??? HOMMUS!!! I'd buy it by the 55-gallon barrel if I had that option :D.

10:32 PM, August 01, 2006


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