Thursday, December 29, 2005

McPolack Movie Minute

Just finished watching Possession, a fairly decent uber-romantic flick featuring my old pal Gwyneth Paltrow sporting a baaaaaaaad British accent and the impossibly, and I mean impossibly, gorgeous Aaron Eckhart as a rumpled academic. I'm not normally an A. E. fan but in this movie, my god! I wanted to eat him up, with his perfectly loosely-hung softly wrinkled cordury jacket concealing an absolute Adonis of a body, and his impeccable jawline and sexxxxxxxy butt-chin hidden under a five-o-clock shadow of hair I'd let rub my face raw anytime. Oh, and other body parts as well.

My, my, I think I must be getting to a certain, um, robust part of my menstrual cycle.

I also think I'm getting more susceptible to cheese as I get older, and Possession is a perfectly ripened wheel of Brie, complete with bloomy rind.

Now that's writing!

Anyhoo, there's lots of Victorian longing but also -- consummation! And the A. E. character, as if he wasn't already gorgeous enough, refuses to sleep with Gwynnie's character because he doesn't want to ruin their chances at a relationship.

Ohhhhh, maaaaaaaaaaaaan.

And now I'm watching Little House on the Prairie and it's the episode where Laura first meets Almanzo...who she calls "Manly" for short. She carves their initials into a tree. Naughty Half-Pint! She's still a kid so it's awhile before they get married. But I think she loses her braids for a grown-up lady bun soon.

Romance is in the air!


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